Pristine Salt Chlorinators

Home of the Pristine Salt Water Pool Chlorinator

Going against the grain of today’s ‘throwaway’ world, we set out to design a chlorinator with a focus on quality above all else.

We’ve gone to great lengths in both the design and sourcing of the finest materials and components to bring a commercial quality chlorinator to the home. When you choose Pristine, you’re choosing long-lasting reliability, backed by outstanding after sales service and support.

As of the beginning of 2014, we’re proud to announce that it has now been nine years since the first Pristine chlorinator units went into service. These units are still going strong to this day, and stand as testament to our design philosophy from the very beginning.

We didn’t settle for less, so why should you?

Pristine Salt Water Chlorinators:

  • - Long lasting electrodes manufactured from the finest materials
  • - Simple to operate and program
  • - Pump protection & Self-cleaning – STANDARD